Toddler Program


The Toddler Program serves children between the ages of 2 and 3+. Prior potty training is not required for admittance. The classroom is both child-centered and child-sized. It is designed to take advantage of the toddler’s natural drive to “do it myself”. It allows the child to explore their world in a safe, nurturing, and loving environment.

Toddlers are just discovering that they are a separate person from their parent(s). The role of the teacher is to assist the child as they fulfill the basic tasks of developing trust, independence, and self-control. They are there to observe, guide, listen, and foster the natural growth of the child’s personality.

Activities are designed to enhance the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of each individual child.

Activities in the toddler classroom focus on the following:

    • Oral language development
    • Oral language development
    • Vocabulary building
    • Fine & gross motor skills
    • Sensory training
    • Care of self
    • Beginning number concepts
    • Social & emotional growth